Why You Should Choose Subway Glass Over Ceramic Tiles

In the year 1904, there is the widespread usage of interlocking pattern of rectangles which are known as subway tiles and first appeared through the tunnels of New York City Subway system. Though the highly detailed as well as varied murals which lined the walls of the subway tunnels had been the travelers' landmarks to tourists as well as residents alike, it is actually the brick pattern of the ceramic subway tiles which has been quite influential on the tile decorating world. Such simple but elegant design element was expressed with the use of the ceramic tiles in NY Subway but currently the use of the glass subway tiles has become even more popular. This has been used in home improvement purposes too.

In the past decade, there has been a switch in tastes from ceramic to the subway glass tile ideas that is driven mainly by the unique benefits of glass as a building material. The glass can provide depth and clarity which is unmatched by even the finely glazed ceramic tiles. The very attractive colors which shine through the glass tiles would also contrast sharply with the dull tones of the ceramic alternatives. Also, the glass is impervious to moisture which makes it great for high moisture areas like the bathrooms. Homeowners are fortunate that new manufacturing techniques have really made the glass subway tiles available as durable surface option while improving the unique beauty.

Know that the glass subway tiles are a great choice in all kinds of applications. They can be used outdoors or indoors, the kitchens, the bathrooms and also in swimming pools. They also make a great addition to the atmosphere of any space in which they are utilized. It can be for kitchen backsplash or the shower walls, adding glass subway tile into the project for home improvement can endow the space with such trendy vibe and such echoes classic designs of the past. Due to their great appearance, you don't have to worry about them looking dated 10 years from now. The subway tiles will stay a traditional attraction while staying modern at the same time, click here to get started!

The use of the subway tile is really a fashionable option for the kitchen or the bathroom construction and renovation projects. The designers are now making use of vivid colors of glass with traditional design of ceramic subway tiles for creating a modern alternative to such option.